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 The newest logs of Animus

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PostThe newest logs of Animus

Greetings one and all. This will be a fairly short blog once again, possibly just briefly outlining some stuff in my life, and maybe suggesting the little tag change for Sorin, or to change the name of his group.

Anywho, real life stuffs first... You know those days when you just think... God, I don't want to get out of bed today, but I have to because I have work...? Well, I believe I no longer have to worry about them anymore... With my grandma being in the hospital so much, and asking if I could of taken Monday off for a job interview, which was actually yesterday instead of Monday, I called up today saying that I would not be able to make it in as I have to help my grandma out with some errands, taking her to get a blood test, going to the doctors with her in general, getting the doctors to try and get her a tank of oxygen because she can't breathe properly... And one of my bosses said that it was fine, we don't need you here anymore... Tomorrow, I'll have to find out exactly what he meant by that... I mean, honestly... If I end up getting fired from this trial, simply because I care about someone in my family, then good riddance, I wouldn't want to work for that scum anyway...

Oh, and I forgot to mention why my grandma has been in the hospital for so long... She suffered a mild heart attack a few weeks ago, didn't want to mention it to anyone because, hell... It really isn't either important news, nor would anyone hardly care. What else... Oh yeah! I've had... Two other interviews? Well, at least since my last blog. One was for a paper place that also sells party goods, like disco balls, smoke machines, bubble machines, and even numerous costumes... My other interview, as you heard before, was yesterday, at a liquor place that is opening up closeby. It was a group interview, so there may or may not have been people that I knew... Fortunately, I went there with teh ninja of awesomes, Chunnin/Kaia, who also went there for the group interview. It came down to the one on one interviews, when I got bored waiting and took out my phone, looking at all my emails, until I was one from Ticketek, I opened it, and it said that my ticket for Metallica won't be delivered until September 1st...Ugh... Other then that, interview went really well...

As for this thing that I mentioned with Sorin, Ace, if you do end up reading this, could you possibly change Sorins group name from SORIN to King of Groundedness?


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The newest logs of Animus :: Comments

Re: The newest logs of Animus
Post on Tue May 18, 2010 7:19 pm by Joker's Ace
I'm sorry about your grandma, dude. I hope she gets better soon.

Good luck with the jobs!!! Chunneh too! BOO about Metallica! I hate you for that ticket!

Annnnd.... Why do you want it changed?
Re: The newest logs of Animus
Post on Tue May 18, 2010 7:20 pm by Animus
Because he keeps getting grounded, it'll be funny, trust me
Re: The newest logs of Animus
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The newest logs of Animus

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