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 Telican Dictionary Part II

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PostTelican Dictionary Part II

Telican Dictionary Part II

1. Ni cal- My nation
2. Na- Na, oh my, oh yeah!, Mine!
3. No- no
4. Vil-la- no more
5. Crisna- people (my)
6. Voshna- suffering
7. Teshsta-live
8. Ne- we
9. La Volkeya- finally free!
10. Casha! Casha!- Come! Come!
11. Umula-Hello.
12. Oue manta- How are you?
13. Ta- you
14. Moia- sorry/forgiveness.
15. Aska- ask
16. Nee-for
17. Aska nee moia?- I ask forgiveness.
18. Mana (pronounced: Ma-na)- madam, mistress, lady
19. Lore (pronounced: lor-re)-Lord, master sir
20. King- King
21. Qua (Pronounced: Key-a): Queen
22. Ava- mother
23. Tota- father
24. Donaton dish ka- Stop it!
25. Shonda- Hurry!
26. Inca-d shonda- Hurry up!
27. Verata-o-say-”Leave me be!”, “Leave me alone”, “Don't bother me.”
28. Koko- kids
29. Val la na- Come this way.
30. Na children opona vise (vise pronounced: Vee-se)- My children do not cry.
31. Opona- cry
32. Opono- do not cry, no crying
33. Sa miyi ava la- I say you're my mother.
34. Sa miyi saun lava- I say “I love you”


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Telican Dictionary Part II :: Comments

Re: Telican Dictionary Part II
Post on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:15 am by Wastedxwithxtime
Nifty! Very Happy I'm gonna go call my momma "Ava" and see what she says. lol
Re: Telican Dictionary Part II
Post on Mon Jul 19, 2010 11:46 am by Bloody_Maiden
xD Umm....okay.

Re: Telican Dictionary Part II
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Telican Dictionary Part II

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